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product document

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EYE / O07.WA.00002


— Round luminaire for outdoor installation on wall.
— Installation: Luminaire is supplied with plastic outer installation box for easy mounting.
— The body is protected by a special antioxidizing treatment for a higher resistance against aggressive agents. Salt spray test being applied to ensure stability of finishing.
— The heat generated by the light source is dissipated by means of a passive cooling system.
— The luminaire is equipped with a piece of cable for mains to provide easy-to-make connection.

— Corrosion resistant die cast aluminium alloy.
— Weatherproof and durable silicone rubber gasket.
— Ultraviolet stabilized polyester powder coat in black, dark gray, light gray and white finish.
— Convenient to be used with SMD led.
— Double layer polyester powder paint resistant to corrosion and salt spray fog.
— High colour consistency: <3 SDCM

technical drawings

EYE / O07.WA.00002

CodeSystem PowerLumen Output from Fixture CRI>80