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Product Documents

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– Street lighting system for use with LEDs.
– Corrosion resistant die-cast aluminium body.

– Silicon gasket.
– All exterior parts are stainless steel.
– Tempered safety glass.
– Optionally 10KV surge protector can be integrated.
– Mains voltage: 220-240V / 50-60Hz.
– Clever thermal design.
– High visual comfort.
– Colour tolerance max. 3 SDCM.
– Recomended mounting height 10-12mt depending on wattage selection.
– High performance optics suitable for streetlighting standards.

– Two different light distribution options available.
– Pole-top installation on poles with ending part from Ø42 to Ø63mm.
– High efficiency up to 140lm/W.
– Suitable for lighting classes up to ME1.
– 1-10V, DALI and Astro dim options available upon request.
– Motion sensor can be integrated optionally.
– Apart from standart 4000K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 5000K CCT options are also available

Technical Drawings

FALCON ST MAXİ / O07.ST.16430.V11

System PowerKelvinLumen Output from Fixture (CRI>80)Driving CurrentPole Distance (a)Pole Height (h)Road Width (L)Lighting ClassOptic Type
200W4000K28000lm660mA33m12m7.5mME1Maximizing pole distance

FALCON ST MAXİ / O07.ST.16430.V12

System PowerKelvinLumen Output from Fixture (CRI>80)Driving CurrentOptic TypeBeam Angle Options
200W4000K27160lm660mASymmetric High Mast Application60°