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SONİC SOLAR / O07.ST.27400


Street lighting system for use with LEDs.

— Over 3 nights lighting after full charge.

— Polycrystal Solar Panel integrated.

— Lithium battery used in seperate IP box integrated to pole to charged by solar panel.

— Solar Controller with different timer mode options increases the operating hours in without sunshine conditions.

— Corrosion resistant die-cast aluminium body.

— Silicon gasket.


— All exterior parts are stainless steel.

— Tempered safety glass.

— Clever thermal design.

— High visual comfort.

— Colour tolerance max. 3 SDCM.

— Recomended mounting height 3-4mt depending on wattage selection.

— High performance optics suitable for streetlighting standards.

— Replaceable driver unit and control gear with no tool requirement.

— Motion sensor can be integrated optionally. — Apart from standart 4000K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 5000K CCT options are also available.

technical drawing

SONİC SOLAR / O07.ST.27400.V1

System PowerKelvinLumen Output CRI>80 Pole Distance (a)Pole Height (h)Road Width (L)Lighting Class Optic Type
10W4000K1376lm16m3m4m-Maximizing pole distance

SONİC SOLAR / O07.ST.27400.V2

System PowerKelvinLumen Output from Fixture Pole Distance (a)Pole Height (h)Road Width (L)Lighting Class Optic Type
20W4000K2712lm17m4m4m-Maximizing pole distance

SONİC SOLAR / O07.ST.27400.V3

System PowerKelvinLumen Output from FixturePole Distance (a)Pole Height (h)Road Width (L)Lighting ClassOptic Type
30W4000K4008lm18m4m4m-Maximizing pole distance

Electrical Specifications

Model Type Power of PV Module Liuthium Battery Capacity Led Number of Led's Microwave Motion Sensor Dimension of the Solar Panel Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) Maximum Power Current (Imp)
O07.ST.27400.V140 WpLiFePO4 40A 12V24Optional424x674x20mm 19,42,07
O07.ST.27400.V280 WpLiFePO4 80A 12V674x784x20mm4,14
O07.ST.27400.V3100 WpLiFePO4 100A 12V674x944x20mm5,16

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